Amazon launched a $55 smart soap dispenser
Amazon launched a $55 smart soap dispenser

Amazon has announced the launch of a new smart soap dispenser that can be used with Alexa. The soap dispenser has smart features such as washing instructions and the right amount of soap at the right time.

You can choose to pair with the Echo Smart Speaker and the soap dispenser will also trigger an Alexa action when you use it, giving it several other options.

There are 10 LED lights on the top of the soap dispenser that will light up and show when the soap dispenser is in use.

The last LED turns off after 20 seconds, which is a visual indication of the minimum amount of time the CDC recommends to wash your hands.

This feature does not require the Echo Smart speaker, and the device does not need to dispense different amounts of soap depending on the distance between the hand and the nozzle.

When you hold your hand close to the nozzle, a small amount of soap will be inserted. Keeping your hands away from the nozzle will provide more soap.

This soap dispenser works like an Alexa gadget, which means it can be paired with Echo smart speakers to expand its functionality.

It does not have a built-in microphone or speaker. So it is not an Alexa device. However, when paired with an Echo, it will appear as a trigger for any Alexa action in the Alexa app.

The soap dispenser can be adjusted each time it is used. If you want to skip the activation procedure the next time you use it, you can press the button in the top center before dispensing the soap.

There are many ways to use a soap dispenser. For example, you can play music for 20 seconds to encourage young children to wash their hands long enough.

If you have a smart light in the room where the diffuser is, you can create an Alexa action to turn off the light in the room for a while after using the diffuser.

Amazon launches smart soap dispenser

You can also ask Alexa to tell you a joke or a funny fact every time you use the soap dispenser.

You can ask the distributor to do all three things, any combination of them, or anything else Alexa can do.

The soap dispenser is powered by a rechargeable battery via the micro USB port on the back. Amazon said it took 3 months between deliveries.

When the battery is low, this is indicated by the light at the top. It supports wireless networks, so it connects to perform Alexa operations.

Can be used with up to 0.3 liters of liquid hand sanitizer. Therefore, you can not use foaming soap or hand sanitizer.

The Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser costs $54.99.

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