Amazon plans to reduce waste after strong opposition
Amazon plans to reduce waste after strong opposition

After strong opposition to the destruction of unused products, Amazon plans to reduce waste and launch two programs to return products to companies that do or do not sell merchandise through its platform. .

The company said the so-called implementation plan that Amazon announced in a blog post will help build a circular economy.

Less than two months after BBC ITV announced it would destroy millions of unsold items in one of 24 UK warehouses each year. Including smart TVs, laptops, drones, and hair dryers.

The e-commerce giant was heavily criticized by British lawmakers and environmentalists at the time. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that he will investigate the allegations.

Greenpeace said in a blog post on June 28 that the ITV investigation showed the company clearly operates a business model based on greed and speed. The organization also described the environmental and labor costs of wasting Amazon as an anesthetic.

In response, the company said it is now working hard not to phase out these products. No items are currently sent to landfills in the UK.

The company stated that its first new program called FBA Grade and Resell will allow third-party companies to resell returned items as used products through Amazon.

Under the plan, returns will be automatically sent to Amazon for evaluation. After receiving the goods, the company decides whether it is new, very good second-hand, good second-hand or acceptable second-hand. Then the seller sets the price of the product based on the condition of the product.

Amazon wants to reduce its waste

The company said the scheme was launched in the UK. But it will be released in the United States by the end of this year. In early 2022, FBA Grade and Resell will be offered in Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

She explained that a separate FBA compensation program will allow sellers to take advantage of Amazon's wholesale channels and technologies to cover part of the cost of storing returned items and excess inventory.

The program can be used in the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It starts in the UK in August.

"Customer sales are a reality for all retailers," the company said in a statement. Managing these products is a challenge for the entire industry. These new plans are examples of the steps we are taking to ensure that the products we sell are not wasted by products sold by us or our small business partners.

"We hope that these plans will help build a circular economy and reduce our impact on the planet," she added. We are very excited that this program can also help companies that sell through us reduce their costs and grow their business.

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