Apple has a reason to release a foldable phone in three years
Apple has a reason to release a foldable phone in three years

Apple's delay in introducing its foldable phone is just too fashionable. Throughout its history, Apple has preferred not to follow fashion right away, but once it reaches full maturity it can be appreciated by some, some may hate it and laugh at it.

Apple is not the first company to release a smartphone. Nor is it the first company to release a smartwatch. The same goes for its wireless headphones and even its paid services. However, all of these products have been successfully launched.

Analysts believe this is the case with foldable phones. The age of this technique does not exceed three years. There is no doubt that the foldable phone of the American giant will immediately occupy a large part of the market. However, this was not his philosophy.

Why is Apple's foldable phone delayed

Bloomberg Magazine's Mark Gurman has predicted that the company's foldable phone will hit the market within three years. For Apple fans looking to try out foldable phones outside of Samsung or Huawei, this news can be bad news.

If this prediction is correct, it means that the company will take a full five years after the launch of the first Galaxy Fold phone.

Some people think that Apple will not release a foldable phone until it reaches a very high level of quality. It really is his style. However, it took the company a long time to implement simple changes such as adding OLED screens to its phones.

Other times, the company can make a decision without delay and without careful consideration. She also removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the phone and took the charger out of the phone booth.

The company's approach could pose a huge risk, which is reflected in the impatience of users and their use of Galaxy Fold phones before the first foldable iPhone was produced. There's no doubt that Samsung has recently brought Apple to an even bigger problem, which is pricing.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are priced at $1,799 and $999, respectively. When the foldable iPhone, whatever it is called, comes out because it was the company's first release, it will definitely be more expensive.

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