Everything you need to know about Wear OS 3
Everything you need to know about Wear OS 3

One of the most promising areas is the smartwatch area. Currently, these watches can measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and psychological stress levels. Google co-developed Wear OS 3 with Amazon, and this alliance may be needed to compete with Apple.

The Galaxy Watch 4 will combine Samsung Tizen and Wear OS 3 functions. Officials said that this watch comes with Google's system, but Samsung's functionality is impressive.

Leading company Fitbit will be responsible for Wear OS's ability to track users' fitness and exercise level, which is natural after Google acquired it not too long ago.

Wear OS 3

This version of the system is the biggest update since it was first introduced. And by implication, Samsung's Tizen system is integrated into this system as Samsung will not offer any future watches with Tizen unless the situation changes.

The new Samsung watch is the first watch to feature this system and only two of the watch that is currently using this system supports the update to the new version.

As previously confirmed by Samsung and Google, the new system will significantly improve power consumption, and this problem is often experienced by Wear OS watches.

The watches that Wear OS 3 is receiving as an update are the TicWatch Pro 3 and TicWatch E3. While all Wear OS watches get limited updates, the most important thing are the new changes in the Play Store.

New features and functions

The system greatly improves performance and reliability. The advertised percentage is 30% which is a performance improvement over previous versions of the system. This improvement is reflected in the loading time after opening the application and the reaction of the system to user commands.

The new system will provide functionality for switching applications. This function is mainly used to switch between applications by pressing the watch button twice in a row. The operation of this function can be changed depending on the operating time of the system.

The situation is similar to Samsung's smartwatch system. Users can customize the watch face according to their preferences. Although Wear OS 3 offers many health and sports related features, manufacturers are free to add other features of their own.

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