Apple's timeline for the transition to its processors
Apple's timeline for the transition to its processors

A new report from Bloomberg says that Apple is expected to complete the transition to Apple Silicon.

Additionally, reporter Mark Gorman's report details Apple's silicon roadmap. And what will happen in the next twelve months?

Gorman believes the company's two-year plan to complete the transition to its processors is going as planned.

When Apple first announced its intention to switch from Intel processors to its own at WWDC 2020, it said it would take about two years to complete the transition.

While time may be short, the company also appears to be preparing to complete more complex, high-performance releases at the end of that time frame.

Macs arriving in 2022 are expected to include an updated MacBook Air and a new Mac Pro.

So far, the M1 chip has been used in the 24-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and iMac.

As Gorman explained, the first Macs with M1 processors launched in November 2020, so the company could complete the transition by November 2022.

Looking ahead, Gorman said the new MacBook Pro with the M1X processor should hit the market in the coming months.

This may coincide with the company's typical fall announcement. The evolving new Mac mini follows closely.

Apple sticks to its calendar

Gorman expects the iMac to be fully migrated by 2022 by the end of next year. Later next year, the smaller and improved Mac Pro will also have Apple Silicon.

The company also plans to redesign the MacBook Air sometime in 2022. Gorman said that includes MagSafe support as well.

The reporter also confirmed that Apple is still planning to update the Mac Pro, which is currently powered by Intel processors, for the last time. There have been rumors recently that it could be powered by the Ice-Lake Xeon W-3300 processor.

A Mac Pro with an Apple chip should be smaller, about half the size of your current Mac Pro. But it has a similar design language.

In addition, Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is developing chips with 20 cores and 40 cores. This is suitable for Mac Pro mini computers.

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