Browser blocking features are no longer useful
Browser blocking features are no longer useful

Most internet browsers now have the ability to prevent tracking and many users think this feature will ensure that they are protected from hacking, but they usually don't.

Several browsers already offer this functionality, including Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Edge, and Firefox. Although it is definitely not available in the Google Chrome browser. Since targeted advertising is one of the most important advertising strategies, customers have found other ways.

You can develop a new type of bot that is hidden in website links which makes it difficult for professional browsers and software to block or prevent its traces.

New ways to track and spy

This new method is known as regression tracing. It is one of the most popular tracking and spying methods, not least because it appears to be less dangerous than the browser fingerprinting method. For their part, companies developing browsers geared to protect data are trying to find a solution to prevent this kind of tracking.

These cookie blocking methods block certain types of cookies. These cookies are used to identify users and store some of their data.

Tracking blocker allows your browser to save cookies. But only the site that owns the file is allowed to do so. For example, it can allow cookies that store passwords and user login data, but not allow other websites to install cookies for advertising purposes.

Browsers like Safari, Firefox, Brave, etc. now rely on this method. Smarter bounce tracking technology.

How does bounce tracking work?

We understand that modern browsers do not allow third-party cookies to be stored. This is why echo tracking works differently.

In fact, it depends on placing an intermediary in the page load process. For example, when you click on a particular link, that specific site is loaded first, and then the site you clicked on is actually loaded. This intermediate point is used to monitor the process.

There is another tracing technique of the same design called query transaction tracing. This technology adds a custom identifier to each link you click. Once you click on the link, the link sends a signal to the affected website and platform.

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