Anpviz 32 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder
Anpviz 32 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder

Anpviz 32ch 4K Network Video Recorder with POE IP Camera 32X 4K (12MP) Input Support, 16ch 4 SATA Ethernet Support for up to 32TB Commercial HDD (Not Included)

Use with Anpviz and other camera brands

32ch 4K POE PoE NVR works perfectly with Anpviz 8MP/5MP/3MP PoE IP cameras to achieve 24/7 recording; Plug and play from other brands of IP cameras. This also applies to third-party 8MP/6MP/5MP/4MP/2MP cameras. It has been expanded to support the input of 32 cameras.

12MP Ultra HD Recording

NVR is useful. Nothing can be imagined in 4K. The high pixel count (3840 x 2160 and 1920 x 1080) gives your videos great detail and resolution and clearly defines the unique characteristics of objects on the camera while maintaining vibrant color performance. Having more than 8 million pixels can also prevent image distortion or distortion when using digital zoom.

Smart sports alarm

By selecting relevant areas for motion detection, you can focus on the essentials without being affected by irrelevant alarms. Once the alert is triggered, an instant email notification with snapshot and alert push will be sent from the Guarding Vision app so you can take the right precautions

4 storage compartments

The NVR has two independent hard disk slots. Each can be upgraded to a hard drive of up to 8TB, giving you the option of a total storage capacity of 32TB. You can also use your second hard drive to record video alongside your primary hard drive. In this way, the snapshot will be automatically saved if the hard disk recording fails

Local and remote access and control

The NVR playback function allows you to understand the whole event. Read important brochures or interesting videos for 8 channels at the same time. You can always quickly search for any event that occurred. With the timer pivot design at the bottom of the split screen, you can freely go back to different days, hours or minutes to make up for missed events.

With or without internet

The NVR can be used offline for local recordings and live viewing. However, internet connection is required to enable remote viewing and promotional notifications.

Anpviz 32 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder
Anpviz 32 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder

  •  This powerful NVR is capable of 4K video recording on all 32 channels, ensuring the highest level of recorded detail when used with a 4K surveillance camera. The larger number of pixels (3840 x 2160 compared to 1920 x 1080) not only gives you a higher resolution, but also gives you the ability to enlarge distant objects without significantly degrading the image quality. It should be noted that this 4K Security NVR does not require a 4K TV or monitor.
  • 4K NVR can receive H.265+, H.265 or H.264+ video compression files. Compared with advanced H.264 video codec, you can save up to 40% storage space by using this function. So go ahead and add one of the new 4K security cameras from Anpviz to your security system. It is equipped with H.265 compression function that achieves 4 times the resolution of 1080p without creating a large 4K file size.
  • Simply connect the IP camera to the NVR's 16 built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports for a true plug-and-play monitoring experience. Due to PoE technology, each camera only needs one Ethernet cable to connect to the NVR. This all-in-one cable powers the camera and provides video transmission of up to 250 metres. This allows you to install security cameras where you need them most without having an electrical outlet nearby.
  • Easy-to-use central management software This 4K NVR has powerful features to enhance management and viewing experience, including: drag-and-drop system and camera selection, customizable screens, device grouping, notifications, remote system management control, etc.
  • The free HIK-Connect mobile app for iOS/Android provides convenient remote video viewing so you can monitor your camera from anywhere.

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