Wireless headphones require the use of certain phones
Wireless headphones require the use of certain phones

Companies like Apple and Samsung are leaders in wireless headphones. This can lead to Samsung mobile users buying wireless headphones from Apple and vice versa. This may not have been available until recently.

At the moment, the new wireless headphones are not well combined with smartphones from other companies. For example, the iPhone has an app for Samsung wireless headphones. However, this app does not support Buds Pro or Buds 2 headphones yet.

Apple didn't make apps for Android users from the ground up. When you connect wireless headphones to another company's phone, you can use them to listen to music and make calls as usual. However, you cannot use the functions and functions of the headset.

Samsung and Apple headphones are not compatible

Companies like Samsung and Apple do this just so you can buy smartphones from them. This is because it is almost useless if you are not using a wireless headset with a phone from the same company.

For example, Android users cannot customize the touch controls on their AirPods. Although Buds 2 users cannot do this on iPhone.

The same goes for controlling the voice assistant or quickly connecting the headset to another device via Bluetooth, for example, features like spatial audio can only be used on AirPods Pro when connected to it. iPhone and not on other phones.

The user has just lost these features in the Apple headset and Samsung headset as there is no application that the user can use to control the headset. Maybe what's happening makes sense for Apple, but it's weird for Samsung.

There are some simple apps that try to improve this situation as much as possible. Just like the Assistant Trigger and AndroPods apps on Android, you can view the battery life of AirPods on Android and use Google Voice Assistant through them.

Wireless headphone manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, have gone down a rough road. This will prevent the product from being used near certain devices. Perhaps this path leads to one company dominating the market very successfully, or it can lead to the catastrophic bankruptcy of another company.

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