DeepMind algorithm enhances treatment of rare diseases
DeepMind algorithm enhances treatment of rare diseases

A large number of technologies and devices rely on certain algorithms. These algorithms can help the computer perform certain operations to achieve the desired results. DeepMind is perhaps one of the most prominent companies in this field.

DeepMind is one of the most popular subsidiaries of Google parent company Alphabet. There is also a full lab in London, USA.

John Jumper has been part of the company's team since 2017. Its main task is to build and develop new algorithms, in particular algorithms for predicting the 3D shape of proteins of interest. But it seems that he has achieved successes in this regard, which exceeded all expectations.

DeepMind Algorithm and its Implications

Predicting the 3D structure of a protein is still very complex. However, the AlphaFold software developed by Jumper and his team succeeded in laying the groundwork for this process.

Jumper has extensive scientific experience. This includes sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics. This success is attributed on the one hand to DeepMind and on the other hand to Jumper and his team.

A scientific article on this achievement was presented to everyone last July. And share protein shape forecast program. This applies to all the proteins found in the human body as well as the proteins found in 20 other microorganisms.

The human body is made up of large amounts of proteins. Thanks to this great scientific achievement, experts will be able to better deal with it. It also makes treating rare and rapidly spreading diseases much easier.

Researchers can rely on new algorithms to find specific treatments for rare diseases. In addition, the same technology will help make medicines for emerging diseases such as the Covid-19 virus.

If the COVID-19 pandemic recurs, Gamper said, researchers could make fast and effective drugs. However, he believes that the most effective use of this new algorithm will be in the treatment of rare diseases that, as mentioned earlier, are difficult to study and identify.

Tropical diseases are perhaps the most common and difficult to treat rare diseases. Jumper also expects its new innovation, AlphaFold, to continue to be a success over the next decade. He stated that this procedure solves a problem that has existed for more than fifty years.

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