How archiving the Internet can help prevent it from disappearing
How archiving the Internet can help prevent it from disappearing

The Internet Archive on its twenty-fifth anniversary. Over these long years, this pioneering website has helped protect a large number of websites and internet pages from disappearing completely.

With the help of the Wayback Machine, the Internet Archive can search any website that disappears from the Internet. In addition, the tool allows you to preview the old version of the website that is still running as of now and you can also view the deleted content.

Internet addiction is greater than ever. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, he moved his work, studies and communications almost entirely to the internet. In addition to the news, photos and information contained on the site.

Internet Archives

Much of the internet has disappeared in the past few years. The entire website has been shut down completely and thousands of content has been removed from the live website currently.

The reasons why websites and content disappear from the Internet are different. Additionally, some companies can make drastic decisions to shut down their websites and services, just as Yahoo Answers has shut down completely.

When a website is updated, the previous version is also permanently deleted, which is the case in most cases unless the moderator checks for it himself.

Internet archiving solves this problem. is perhaps the largest and most well-known site in this field. It is run by a non-profit organization and contains more than 70 petabytes of data. In addition, 750 screenshots are taken daily for future reference.

Anyone can search for any site on and find screenshots of the years the site has been running. Once the site is removed from the network, they can browse the site from there or see its old design if it's still alive. Users can also browse the offline version of this website.

Since the Internet Archive continuously and recursively archives web pages, it can check the accuracy of the information. Archiving websites and pages dealing with current affairs will help future generations to better understand these issues, as well as archiving Black Lives Matter.

Archiving obliges some governments and private sector companies around the world to maintain transparency and credibility. Because your website is constantly archived. Undoubtedly, the archiving process preserved the network and played an active role in the political and legal field. Preserving the legacy of the Internet.

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