Dell launched the first portable monitor
Dell launched the first portable monitor

Dell has announced a 14-inch portable monitor with USB-C for $349.99, and it will be available worldwide on August 31.

It has a 1080p IPS panel with LED backlight with a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 6ms. You can use it as a secondary screen for USB-C laptops.

The screen, which the company calls the C1422H, has a slim bezel and a minimalist design, and it appears to have been taken from an XPS laptop.

It also has a built in base that can be tilted from 10 to 90 degrees. The portable monitor weighs less than 0.9 kg. Its maximum brightness can reach 300 lumens.

There is a USB-C interface on both sides of the base that can be connected and powered. You can also process video streams via DisplayPort 1.2 alternate mode.

You can turn it on by connecting the monitor to a laptop or other device using the included USB-C cable. When the two are connected, the laptop will turn on the screen.

If you want to continue charging while the device is connected to the screen, you can connect the device's USB-C power adapter to another USB-C port at the bottom of the screen for side charging.

However, this portable monitor may not have all the power required to charge your laptop quickly.

The company said portable displays for systems with USB-C power supplies of 90 watts or more can transmit up to 65 watts. With a charger of 65 watts or more, the monitor transfers 45 watts of power to your system.

Dell launched the first portable monitor

The portable screen is a new project from the company. But the company has set a high price for the first model, and while there are several alternatives with similar specifications, the cost is much lower.

ASUS' Largest 15.6" Portable IPS Monitor is $200 on Amazon. A similar AOC monitor costs just over $100.

The Dell model is very similar to the $246 Lenovo 14" laptop monitor and has an almost identical base.

It should be noted that the company does not promise any improvement in color accuracy or other subtle details such as a faster refresh rate.

On the other hand, this screen comes with a protective cover, as well as a three-year premium replacement service. If you discover a defect within the three-year limited warranty period, the company will ship you a new screen the next day. .

In addition, the screen is beautifully designed with thin bezels on both sides.

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