Does Apple dominate the group view via SharePlay?
Does Apple dominate the group view via SharePlay?

Apple is a leader in more than one field. The company offers smartphones, tablets, computers, smart watches and various services. For a company of this size, it goes without saying that you leave no room without being in the competition.

The upcoming iOS 15 brings a new feature called SharePlay, which is Apple's ticket for the public to watch the game. This feature allows multiple people to communicate visually while watching clips and even listening to music.

There are a number of companies competing in this space, including Facebook, which has similar functionality in Messenger, and stand-alone apps like Houseparty, as well as browser extensions, which offer the same idea.

Share reading from Apple

This type of service appeals to a large number of users. During home quarantine, when interpersonal communication is at its worst, this importance doubles.

SharePlay was announced not too long ago. It should cover all Apple devices, from iPhone to iPad and Mac to Apple TV. SharePlay is not offered as a standalone app, but it can be accessed via FaceTime.

Some of the most popular streaming services are said to offer group viewing, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, and Prime Video. Although other services like Netflix ignore it, their users resort to browser add-ons. Like a Netflix party.

However, SharePlay will be different. Since it does not compete with streaming services like apps that offer similar interactive services, Facebook Messenger tops the list.

SharePlay Supported Apps

As we all know, Apple will not interfere or invest in any particular area unless it is really possible. The utility of public viewing today is evident in the lifestyle of teenagers and young adults.

In fact, video or music streaming apps are very popular in this era, Tik Tok is a case in point. In addition, the group visualization function can be used in addition to the visual communication function itself.

An outdated 2015 survey found that 59% of American teens make eye contact with each other.

Everyone knows that FaceTime and iMessage are very successful. However, for features like SharePlay to be successful, Apple must make them available to third-party services.

At the time of release, the company said, SharePlay will support Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, TikTok, and Twitch.

What we may note in the previous list is that YouTube and Netflix weren't there, although these companies haven't announced that they will be offering group viewing services anytime soon. This raises many questions about whether major content providers are neglecting services such as broadband television.

Of course, Apple has big plans for iMessage and FaceTime. And SharePlay appears itself. However, teens and viewers may not be able to accept services that YouTube does not support. Because this platform offers almost all kinds of visual content and it is free.

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