Facebook hosts the premiere of paid movie
Facebook hosts the premiere of paid movie

For the first time, a movie distributor has used the Facebook platform to broadcast movies exclusively via a booked live event.

"The Outsider" is a behind-the-scenes documentation of the building of the 9/11 Museum in Manhattan. It was shown to the public on the platform on August 19 for $3.99.

Placing films on the platform can reduce barriers to content distribution for filmmakers and small studios, especially those looking to attract audiences to smaller markets where local transactions are difficult.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many film festivals have switched to online or mixed formats.

Users from all countries with paid online events (more than 100) can watch the movie premiere.

The film premiered on August 19 at 8 p.m. EST. It can be used for 12 hours.

Reportedly, there was a panel discussion on Facebook Live after the film's world premiere. It will air in select cinemas and other streaming platforms in September.

The platform offers paid promotions to support marketing activities. However, it does not charge any commission on selling tickets. The company waives the commission it gets on revenue from creators until 2022.

As with any other event on the platform, the film's distributor, a global film distributor called Abramorama, sets the premiere price.

Facebook hosts the premiere of paid movie

Film distribution is a challenge for studios and independent filmmakers, especially when trying to distribute films in multiple markets.

“In the past you had to find an international distributor of specials and fantasy deals,” says Stephen Rosenbaum, director of the film.

"Once you're walking around the big English market, it just won't be worth it," he added. Without Facebook, not all small and medium markets would see this movie.

The director emphasized that the goal was to temporarily keep the price low enough to attract a large audience.

Just as others have successfully conducted online courses or streamed games on Facebook, the massive impact of the platform can be used to find target audiences.

The platform has been fertile ground for live broadcasts and events for months. But the movie never came out for the first time.

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