Facebook makes it easier to leave it with a transfer tool
Facebook makes it easier to leave it with a transfer tool

Facebook has announced a series of updates to its data transfer tool to make the transfer of users' data more transparent.

To give people choice and control over their data, the platform has been rebuilding its data transfer tools from the ground up over the past few months.

As a result, users can now more easily transfer copies of their data from Facebook to other services.

Whether you want to delete your cross-platform account or just want to back up all your information, the platform has rebuilt add-ons for your transfer tool.

These updates include usability improvements and two new targets: Photobucket and Google Calendar. In addition to a new type of data, there are also Facebook events.

The company said, “We are excited about these new changes because they give people more choice and control, and they also drive innovation with our partners.”

Users can now upload their photos to Photobucket and upload event listings to Google Calendar.

This update includes:

  •     The completely redesigned experience is simpler and more intuitive. It is now easier for users to view the supported destinations and data types.
  •     The status of each submission is more transparent, including easier retry attempts for some submissions.
  •     The ability to initiate multiple data transfers to one destination at the same time.
  •     It allows users to more precisely define the filters for the data to be transferred.

Facebook's advanced information transfer tool

The company plans to continue providing its users with secure data transmission capabilities that they can trust. It also works with developers to expand the range of data types and goals they support.

However, in order to ensure the security of user data during and after transmission, it continues to advocate state supervision to clarify clear rules on who is responsible for data protection when transferring data to different services.

At the same time, the company continues to contribute to open source data transfer projects developed by Google, Facebook and Microsoft. In addition, it supports innovations and technological advances in data portability in all industries.

Last week, the company redesigned the app's settings menu with simplified options. According to the company, the new Settings menu has been redesigned to make things easier to find.

Although Company Settings are currently divided across several sections, fewer categories are now available to Facebook users on mobile platforms.

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