Firefox is more threatened than ever
Firefox is more threatened than ever

Mozilla, the leading open source software company responsible for the Firefox browser, recently released a short video. This video explains some of the browser's features, how it can improve user experience, find professional browsing history, and more.

Users don't have to walk past this video to post hundreds of angry comments. In fact, the video showed Mozilla tweeting on its own, ignoring any browser issues, and posting such a simple marketing video.

Firefox is one of the most important and oldest web browsers. However, the browser has started losing a large number of users recently.

What happened to Firefox?

Firefox has lost 50 million users since 2019. Of course, those lost users haven't given up surfing the Internet completely. Instead, they switched to other competing browsers.

The user turned to another source to find out the actual number of missing users. They choose the most authentic source. It's Mozilla itself here, the company transparently discloses the number of monthly active users, remembering that the browser lost 57.5 million users between January 2019 and August 2021.

It may be normal for the browser to drop. Because in the competition between Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari, the browser does not bring much advantage.

The number of browser users has decreased by 23% and is estimated to have a market share of 7.2% of the total market by October 2020. This value has decreased to 5.6% in July 2021.

It is estimated that the browser market share will reach 4% by August 2022. Unlike other browsers that use the open source Chrome browser, Firefox is the only browser that uses its own engine.

Google Chrome browser got 73.2% of the market share. In the past few months, Firefox has made significant improvements to the design of the browser and user interface, but this did not save the situation much.

Nobody knows what will happen to Firefox, but the general opinion is that Mozilla is not very interested in rescuing it or that it is not working well. On the other hand, Chrome browser can be a great destination for all the users because it has good links to Google services and apps, but there are some websites and services that do not support Chrome properly.

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