Fitbit has launched the latest Charge 5 fitness tracker
Fitbit has launched the latest Charge 5 fitness tracker

Fitbit has officially announced the company's latest fitness tracker, the Charge 5, which is one of the biggest design changes to the popular Charge lineup since the Charge HR was first launched in 2015.

The Charge 5 is equipped with a color AMOLED display. The Charge 5's screen is 10% larger than the Charge 4. Its brightness can reach 450 nits while the Charge 4's screen is 200 nits.

This means that you can see the screen better when you are outside. You can always turn on the screen so you don't have to wait for the screen to turn on to check the time.

The color screen makes it easier to distinguish between stats and information and makes the Charge 5 more attractive.

Although always on screens are also useful. But the cost of the battery is very high.

While Fitbit advertises the Charge 5's battery life of up to 7 days, this happens when the always-on display is off. Opening it can cut the time to two days.

The Charge 5 is 10% thinner than the Charge 4. The sensor on the back of the Charge 5 is better integrated than the one on the Charge 4.

Like the recently released Fitbit Luxe, the Charge 5 uses a buttonless design, which means you can interact with the entire device using the touch screen.

The silver bars on the side of the Charge 5 may look like buttons, but these are the sensors you can use to take EKG measurements to check for signs of atrial fibrillation (available in certain countries only) and EDA to check response.

Like many of the company's other devices, the Charge 5 has a variety of other health monitoring features, such as: B. Heart rate monitoring, sleep, and SpO2.

Fitbit has launched the latest Charge 5 fitness tracker

The company also announced new "daily standby points" and a Charge 5 that's similar to what the Whoop bracelet offers.

The Daily Prepare Score recommends different levels of exercise based on recent changes in activity, sleep, and heart rate to ensure effective recovery.

If your score is higher, the machine will suggest more intense activities. However, if it is less, the machine recommends a lighter workout.

Fitbit Premium subscribers pay $9.99 per month or $79.99 annually to earn daily standby points. If you want to give it a try, Charge 5 offers a free six-month subscription service.

Like the Charge 4, with the Charge 5, you can use Fitbit Pay to pay for the Charge 5. You can also view notifications about the Charge 5 and respond to notifications from specific apps with quick replies. This is the case when the device is paired with the Android phone.

The Charge 5 can use Google Fast Pair to set up Android devices faster. Although Google completed its acquisition of Fitbit in January, this tracker is still available for iOS.

So far, the Charge family has been a huge success. To date, the company has sold more than 40 million devices. The company claims that a third of Fitbit users now wear fitness charging trackers.

Over time, the company is adding more features to the Charge series to make it more competitive with smartwatches. It adds a larger screen to the Charge 2, a touch screen and waterproof function to the Charge 3, and built-in GPS functionality to the Charge 4.

But the Charge 5's new features and design should pay a higher price. The Charge 5 is available in three colors, black, silver, and gold, and costs $179.95.

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