Google Chrome tests some next-generation gaming technologies
Google Chrome tests some next-generation gaming technologies

The release of the 94th beta version of the Google Chrome browser shows that the company is implementing new web standards that can make your browser-based gaming experience even better.

The upcoming WebCodecs could make cloud gaming easier and faster. The WebGPU standard makes it easy for browser game developers to harness the power of a computer.

WebCodecs is an API that gives developers better access to video codecs in the browser. These video codecs determine how the video stream is handled.

Although there are many ways to play videos in Google Chrome browser. But these methods are not designed for things like cloud gaming.

WebCodecs was developed to avoid overloading, so that the incoming video stream can be displayed on the screen as quickly as possible.

In theory, it's also better than the slow hardware currently out there (the preferred type of cloud gaming PC).

The latest and most experimental WebGPU standard gives web developers better access to all computer graphics skills. It does this by allowing developers to access the computer's native graphical application programming interface. (Similar to Apple's Metal, Microsoft DirectX 12, or Vulkan).

The standard makes it easier for web developers to communicate with graphics cards in a language they understand without going through other layers that might slow them down.

Google Chrome tests some next-generation gaming technologies

The WebGPU standard aims to be the next generation of WebGL and enables developers to use the OpenGL framework.

In the future, this technology will make it easier for developers to create graphics-intensive games that run in the browser using all the capabilities of the current generation of GPUs.

In a speech in July 2020, Google said Zoom was interested in using web codecs for video conferencing.

WebGPU can be used to render 3D models in the browser or to speed up machine learning models.

It makes sense for these technologies to appear in the Google Chrome browser. Keep in mind that these areas are in Google's best interest. From Stadia cloud games to video conferencing apps.

WebCodecs and WebGPU are two open standards developed by the W3C. Other browser manufacturers are also starting to test it.

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