Google Fuchsia OS available for Nest Hub devices
Google Fuchsia OS available for Nest Hub devices

As Fuchsia OS expands beyond the preview program, more first-generation Nest Hub users will receive Fuchsia OS updates from Google.

In May, the company officially launched Fuchsia OS and tried to build a non-Linux operating system from scratch, and it took several years to prepare.

The first device to receive the new operating system is Google's Nest Hub Smart Display as of 2018. It should not be confused with the second generation Nest Hub with sleep tracking functionality, which was released earlier this year.

This caused Nest Hub to ditch the current Cast OS-based Linux operating system forever without negatively impacting the user interface or experience.

Fuchsia OS was only available on a few devices at the time. Saved to the preview program available on all devices via the Google Home app.

Over time, the number of Nest Hubs running the Fuchsia operating system has steadily increased. Google monitors upgrade issues.

Later last week, Google updated a support page to say the Nest Hub has received a software preview and new firmware updates for all of its other devices. The first generation of the Nest Hub now gets firmware version 1.52.260996.

Google Fuchsia OS available for Nest Hub devices

The company has confirmed that this update includes an upgrade to Fuchsia OS. This means that all first-generation Nest Hub devices should be running Fuchsia within a few days.

You can use your company's instructions to check if your device is up to date. But this upgrade, which most people relatively ignore, seems to be part of the goal.

There is not much difference between the Nest Hub with Cast OS and the Nest Hub with Fuchsia OS. Except for some performance improvements.

Being able to switch the base OS to a real one without major problems is a great feat.

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