Google is taking the first step towards the next Pixel smartphone
Google is taking the first step towards the next Pixel smartphone

The Google Pixel 6 has attracted the attention of tech enthusiasts since the first leak. In fact, after the lack of interest and declining sales of Pixel phones in recent years, it has reinvented the Pixel phone.

The new Pixel smartphone offers many improvements. It starts with appearance and design and extends to the most important internal components. However, the new cell phone will also come with a completely new processor, which is a rarity in the smartphone field.

In recent years, Pixel phones have been equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors. However, now we are faced with the new Tensor processor, developed by Google itself, and we will pay attention to factors that other processors do not.

What does Google Tensor Wizard offer?

Most of us understand that the term "therapist" is used only for convenience. It is used to refer to the SoC that is built into a smartphone, and generally refers to the SoC that is built into an ARM processor.

Google Pixel sales in the US are low. This is true even when compared to a small company like Oppo. This forces Google to introduce new elements in their mobile phones that are attractive to both casual users and tech-savvy users.

The new tensioner processor will take care of the issues that worry users. Because it has greater support for improved search, text-to-speech, and most importantly, optimization of images and videos.

As for the factors that attract the attention of ordinary users, including the name of the company, its importance in the market, and the smooth and fast performance, this is the competitive advantage of the iPhone. There are also new designs.

Tensor processor compared to competitors

The new processor offers these improvements based on artificial intelligence technology. This is the buzzword here because the processor cares more about artificial intelligence and machine learning than competitors.

However, the new processor is still similar to similar products of other companies. But it will provide custom designs for processors, graphics, and communication modems. Indeed, this is Google's new design, but it will not outperform Qualcomm and Samsung, and probably not at all.

Google has not revealed much information about the new processor. Especially since the unveiling of the Pixel 6 only caused suspense after sharing photos of its new design and brief chats.

And the process of developing a processor does not usually start from scratch. Many processor manufacturers like Qualcomm or Samsung don't use their own designs, but they do rely on existing ARM models and designs from the Cortex-X1, A78, or A55.

As mentioned on the dedicated XDA site. The new Tensor processor will use a combination of Cortex-A78, Cortex-A76 and Cortex-A55 cores, while relying on the ARM Mali GPU. This means that the difference between Google processors and competing processors will not be in the level of performance.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

The new processor will work well in terms of integration with the operating system. Because at some point Google will be responsible for the design of both the processor and the operating system. This is a unique feature of Apple for many years.

Google Wizards will have machine learning technology built in. This is something we don't see in our competitors and given Google's leadership position in this area, it makes sense to see it on Google. Many experts said that this feature alone is enough to make Google develop its own processors.

More importantly, the Pixel 6 gets a revolutionary new processor developed by Google itself. It will also benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, as well as software support. Pay close attention to photos and videos. Along with modern design and other leading specifications.

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