Google offers VPN services outside the United States
Google offers VPN services outside the United States

Google has updated the Google One support page to show that Google One VPN is now available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom for a total of 8 countries.

Google One is a Google subscription cloud service that offers various storage plans from 100GB to 30TB.

The company also offers free gifts in some programs such as: b. 10% cashback on Google Store shopping, business meetings with business experts, and gold status with Google Points.

Last year, the company added another feature to its top-tier plan, access to a virtual private network, or VPN.

Previously, only US subscribers could access the VPN in Google One. But with services starting in North America and five European countries, visits are now increasing.

If you live in one of these markets, you can now take advantage of Google One's free VPN service. However, you must have a plan with a capacity of 2TB or more to take advantage of this feature.

To access the VPN, open the Google One app on your Android device, tap the Benefits tab at the top, and enable the VPN from there.

Google offers VPN services outside the United States.

The search giant's VPN service primarily aims to make browsing more secure and private. It does this by routing traffic through an encrypted tunnel. The company claims that no matter what app you use, a VPN can keep you safe.

It does not help bypass geo-restrictions as it cannot go to a different country/region or server. The company also indicated that you cannot use VPN services when traveling to unsupported countries.

Google One VPN has seen many improvements since its inception. The service added a new VPN whitelist feature in June that allows users to bypass certain VPN apps.

The company recently added a new pause button that allows users to pause the VPN for a short period of time.

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