Google Translate is testing a redesign
Google Translate is testing a redesign

Google Translate is one of the most useful apps from Google that allows you to seamlessly translate texts, bilingual conversations, web pages, etc. between multiple languages.

Although the app is constantly getting new features, such as the ability to transcribe sounds in real time. But there hasn't been a major UI update in a long time.

It looks like this is about to change soon as Google is fundamentally redesigning the Android app.

Google Translate 6.21 was released this weekend and includes a new activity called NewTranslateActivity that shows the app's new user interface upon launch.

It's still a work in progress at the moment because if you start the activity right away, not many things will work. Including the camera button, the plus button, the star button in the upper left corner, and the account button in the upper right corner. But it allows us to spy on the new design that Google is developing.

According to the screenshots, the new user interface clearly focuses on one-handed operation, and the camera, microphone, and language switch buttons appear below for ease of use.

The new user interface also removes the three-line menu that currently provides access to sentence interpretation, saved text, offline translation, and settings.

These options appear on the More tab in the lower left corner.

Google is testing the redesign

The statement published for this new event states that this redesign is linked to the Pixel 6 series, Google's next smartphone series to hit the market in October.

The activity tag also points to a string called app_name_p21, and p21 will likely point to a Pixel phone in 2021.

Obviously, the actual value of the string is app_name_p21 P21 Translate. So it looks like this new design could start with the Pixel 6 with Android 12.

The manifest entry also states that this design is a redesign of the translation app associated with Material You. Use a style called Translate_MaterialNext - Material Next is the internal codename for Material You.

The new user interface, which only applies to Pixel smartphones, is unsurprising because Google has already done it several times. However, this new user interface has yet to be rolled out to current Pixel phones.

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