Google wants to bring Android games to your Mac
Google wants to bring Android games to your Mac

According to recently announced internal documents, due to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Epic Games, Google plans to roll out Android apps and games on Mac and Windows in the next few years.

The search giant is known for launching multiple projects to accomplish more or less the same tasks. This approach extends to games.

As part of a project called Games Future, the company hopes to deliver high-quality games for all screens.

Internal documents have revealed a Google presentation outlining the roadmap for future games to 2025. The short-term goal is to bring select Android games to PC and support them across platforms.

Next, the company plans to significantly expand the list of Android games that can be used on desktop computers and expand support for macOS.

He also plans to build a gaming network that offers live streaming, rewards, and the ability to connect with friends.

One of the documents revealed the company's plan to make the most of all platforms. It also refers to an inexpensive universal portable game console that can access Android games anywhere, even through smart TVs.

Games Future's secret internal demo date is October 2020 and is produced by Google Play Division.

The service is expected to be used with Google Stadia to stream PC games to any device.

In addition to the adjusted or undefined ratios for industries with a profit of 3.5 to 50 billion USD, it is also hoped that a downturn in the wireless business will be avoided.

The vision is to provide the best platform for creating, discovering and experiencing games. The company wants this to be a place for developers to publish games. In return, it makes these games available on all its platforms and devices.

The company provides comprehensive development services to the game industry, including cloud services that allow hosting large tournaments and payment solutions such as crowdfunding.

And the company wants to bundle games between vendors, including game streaming, so you can always find games through Google and third-party providers.

It's not much different from what Google TV and Google Play Store do in that they connect to different streaming services where you can find movies.

One of the templates shows the standard PUBG menu via Google Play, which contains links to the Android app and Stadia.

Google wants to be the largest gaming platform in the world

There are several ways to run Android apps and games on your Mac and PC. But the experience is not perfect in most cases, and when you try to play it in the emulator, many popular games may not work.

The search giant hopes to solve this problem so that one day Android users can access their favorite version from anywhere.

Brings Android apps to Chrome OS. But the company plans to expand widely to support other platforms.

Some of the information in the slides has been reviewed and the company has not officially released Future Games or its components. However, some references, such as those for Android 12, indicate that this is a very active project.

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