Google plans to block apps from sideloading
Google plans to block apps from sideloading

According to an unedited court document from Epic Games, Google was considering disabling the Android operating system's ability to load apps in response to Fortnite's hostility.

Although Epic Games continues to litigation with Google and Apple. Court documents revealed many interesting details about the behind-the-scenes dialogue.

In addition, Epic Games has re-sued Google in court. However, much of the content of this complaint has not been addressed.

The changes were originally made by the search giant, and the company's lawyers told Reuters that Epic Games' attempts to overturn the documents were inappropriate, adding that Google opposes ignoring and making improper Epic Games' legal protection orders. secret information.

Epic Games tells the story of this giant quest. She explained that one of the tech giant's top executives said it could lock Android and not allow apps to sideload.

This idea does not appear to have been implemented. The document states that the company believes it has strong arguments in favor of privacy and security about why downloading apps is dangerous for Android users.

Elsewhere in the same document, Epic Games said that Google executives also described the poor experience of downloading apps on Android.

Company officials also questioned Epic Games' interpretation of the incident. He said Epic Games misrepresented our commercial conversations in the lawsuit.

Google plans to block apps from sideloading

In addition, another part of the initial document revealed the Hug Project. This name has been completely removed from the previous version of the document.

Project Hug described it as an attempt to "reduce the risk that major game developers will prioritize distribution of Google Play games".

Project Hug is a plan to increase sales by offering more promotions to top software and game developers.

More importantly, secret deals will be made with the top 20 most likely developers to leave the Google Play Store.

The documents show that by the end of 2020, the company has signed contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the vast majority of the intended developers.

Apparently, Project Hug was developed in collaboration with Project Banyan. Designed to limit Samsung Galaxy Store coverage.

Another unedited part of the document reveals that a senior executive also suggested that the company order a profit-sharing scheme from Samsung devices. This allows Samsung owners to choose to use Google Play Store billing or Galaxy Store billing for in-app purchases.

It is worth noting that with the release of Android 12, Google has made Android available in a new way to third-party app stores.

As announced at the end of last year, Android 12 makes it easier for users to choose other app stores.

It was later found that this also includes app stores that do not require constant user interaction to update apps. This is the basic functionality of every app store.

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