Hacker returned $600 million in cryptocurrency
Hacker returned $600 million in cryptocurrency

After going live nearly two weeks ago, the hackers behind the biggest cryptocurrency heist have gained access to the latest stolen funds.

Poly Network, a decentralized financial platform, or DeFi, came under a major attack this month. Hackers stole more than $600 million worth of digital tokens.

The hacker exploited a loophole in the Poly Network code that allowed him to transfer funds to his account.

Strangely enough, the Polynet hackers went away without taking the money. Instead, he opened a dialogue with Poly Networks and promised to refund all payments.

Except for the $33 million that the source froze, the hacker returned almost all of the money.

The account is worth over $200 million and the account requires Poly Network and Hacker passwords. For a while, the hacker refused to reveal his password, saying that once everyone was ready, he would reveal the password.

The Poly network enlisted the help of a hacker named Mr. White Hat to return the remaining funds. The platform promised him a $500,000 reward for helping him identify bugs in the system. He got a job as a senior security advisor.

Poly Network hackers can now access the latest stolen funds. Hence, the platform said in a blog post: Mr. White Hat shared the private key needed to regain control of the remaining assets.

So far, all user resources that were transferred during the event have been restored. We will return users full control of the assets as soon as possible.

Hacker returned $600 million in cryptocurrency

This is one of the weirdest cryptocurrency stories in a long time. This is the biggest crypto theft. It exceeded $534.8 million stolen from Japan's Coincheck in the 2018 attack.

Last week, Japan's Liquid Cryptocurrency exchange announced that it had faced a cyber attack that resulted in hackers stealing $97 million worth of cryptocurrency.

In the case of Polly Network, the attacker had a public conversation with the victim and eventually recovered the assets he had stolen.

Security experts said that the attacker could see that they may have difficulty withdrawing funds as all transactions are recorded through the blockchain.

In addition, Poly Network said, "We have now regained control of the $610 million in assets normally affected by this attack." We would like to thank Mr. White Hat for keeping his promise, as well as the community, partners and many security agencies for their assistance.

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