If your device is echoing Google Meet will warn you
If your device is echoing Google Meet will warn you

Google has announced that if Google Meet thinks you have an echo on the phone, it will let you know pretty quickly as the search giant tries to make it easier to detect and correct echoes in video calls on the platform.

It is not currently clear whether you will create an uncomfortable resonance with meeting attendees unless they interrupt the meeting to let you know. So, Google's new proactive warning aims to help ease everyone's suffering.

The company said the platform controls the sound to eliminate echo. However, it is not possible to account for all of the remote desktop speaker and microphone settings that will cause the sound to echo back on a call.

In addition to text notifications and warnings, the new Echo alert will also appear as a red dot on the front of the platform.

Clicking on the notification will take you through steps to correct the echo, including muting the microphone, lowering the speaker volume, or switching to headphones.

The company announced that it is rolling out the new Echo Alert to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers.

The product can last up to 15 days. Alerts are enabled by default and do not require administrator intervention to enable them.

If your device is echoing, Google Meet will warn you

The company previously added a number of new features to the platform to make it easier for users to control and hold meetings.

The most significant update is that all users can now assign up to 25 participating moderators per meeting and access admin controls.

If you're a Google Workspace customer, the platform also got a new Quick Access setting. This is enabled by default. However, if it stops, it means that the meeting will not start until the host joins.

Users can also take certain actions, such as: for example, preventing anonymous users from joining or inviting only attendees from joining without requiring them to ensure that only people who must attend the meeting are present.

Google has announced that users of the platform will not be able to access the service via IE 11 as of August 17th.

Google recommends all users of its platform to switch from IE11 to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. To avoid interruptions, that was before August 17th.

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