How did Apple thrive under Tim Cook 10 years ago
How did Apple thrive under Tim Cook 10 years ago

Tim Cook is now 10 years old and is the CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs resigned on August 24, 2011 and died six weeks later. There is no doubt that Tim Cook has a very big challenge.

Here, Cook replaced Steve Jobs. Not only is Steve Jobs one of the most prominent technical figures of all time, but he is admired by everyone for being a smart and innovative person. And now, ten years later, it appears Tim Cook is behind Jobs.

What probably helped him is that before he became CEO, Apple had been in the market for many years. But it made it the most valuable and profitable company in the world and even outperformed the oil companies.

Apple under the direction of Tim Cook

During his tenure as a company manager, Tim Cook was able to dramatically improve supply chain performance. By signing a contract with a Chinese manufacturer, Foxconn has hired hundreds of thousands of workers on Apple's production line.

Over the years, the company has been able to maintain a steadily increasing pace of growth. In addition, Tim Cook was already working in this field before he took over management, ranking him second in importance as a COO after the CEO.

As we all know, one of the main differences between Cook and Jobs is that the former focuses on sales and profits, while Jobs focuses on creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship, while unlike his successor, he does not focus on production and profit.

Apple may be the first to prove to the world that technology is worth more than oil. With Saudi Aramco worth more than Apple, Apple is currently valued at around $2.5 trillion, while Aramco is valued at nearly $2 billion.

And Tim Cook's success at managing Apple has been clear to everyone over the past several years. If Cook hadn't really qualified, Apple would have let him down a few years ago.

Apple's revenue was $111 billion in 2021, while the company's revenue was only $26.7 billion in 2011.

Apple currently has up to $200 billion in cash. In the past 10 years, the number of employees has doubled to 147 thousand, compared to about 60 thousand in 2011.

Apple's estimated revenue per second is $10,000 with an average net income of $3,600.

Tim Cook successful

These numbers show us how Tim Cook got Apple to make relatively expensive products that could generate massive sales. This does not completely negate Jobs' success, but it does show that Cook was very successful in promoting the company.

If someone invested $1,000 in the company before Cook acquired it, it would be $11,000 today.

Tim Cook's tenure at the company isn't entirely optimistic. The company faced a lot of problems. Including an annoying MacBook keyboard malfunction, the company's failure to make AirPower wireless chargers, and scandals that reduced the performance of cell phones.

Apple spent a lot of time focusing on the iPad rather than the MacBook, which affected a group of users that Apple didn't want to affect negatively: app and game developers.

Apple has had great success with its smartwatches. However, the company had to completely rethink Series 3 after its release because the first version was not at all satisfactory.

These are the issues that the company has faced and there are some issues that cannot be said but for now you will find that these issues have been completely resolved.

Here are different versions of the upgraded iPad tablets, powerful new Mac computers with the company's M1 chip, and the latest Apple Watch that's great performance, not to mention the iPhone 12 that comes with the company's M1 chip and is ready for rent. in the smart phone market.

Products and Services

Apple now sells a variety of products, but some of those products may focus entirely on the iPhone. An example is AirPods or Apple Watch. These components must be connected to your iPhone to function properly and fully.

In addition, there are iPads and MacBooks owned by a large number of users even if they do not have an iPhone, let alone an Apple TV.

But suddenly, besides the hardware concern, the company started to take an interest in another sector. Which is the services, where Apple today offers a large number of paid services that are subscribed to by millions of users around the world. Like the news service, podcasts, iCloud, and even the App Store, which is a service in itself.

This is of course in addition to services such as Apple Care for warranty, Apple Music available even on Android, as well as the sports service Apple Fitness Plus.

There is no doubt that Apple will not stop there, as the company is now growing by default and continuously. Perhaps this is the result of a great effort I have made in recent years. However, the company is still exposed to the risk of competition. It also suffers from many problems around the world. There is no doubt that Tim Cook has succeeded in solving most of the problems related to privacy and data, and has built great trust between users and the company.

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