How Google TV beats Android TV
How Google TV beats Android TV

Modern TV users are accustomed to using Android TV as one of the most important operating systems for TVs. However, Google started to rely on the Google TV system as its primary TV platform and as an alternative to the first system.

Google TV offers a better user experience with a more modern design and more functionality of the operating system. With Google TV and Android TV still being sold, users may be interested in understanding the differences between the two platforms.

What is Google TV System?

From 2020, Google will rely on Google TV as its TV platform, and the system will rely on Chromecast devices to function.

This system directly replaces Android TV. However, it may take some time for it to disappear from the market. Google TV is not new, it is an improved version of Android TV.

This means that the functions and features that users from the previous system used are still available. The TV apps available via the Google Play Store can also run on the new system without any problems.

The difference between the two systems

Google has developed a new TV operating system focused on personalized content. Because the system content is for each user based on how each user uses the system and the data that Google already knows.

The system design has also changed a lot, focusing on the home screen rather than the app screen on which Android TV primarily depends.

The system offers many recommendations and content suggestions to its users by integrating with the streaming services supported by the system.

Compared to Android TV, the new Google-Google TV system offers a basically unified design. If a user subscribes to a dedicated service, it supports live TV as well as services like YouTube TV and Sling TV.

The Google TV system supports remote control of the TV using a smartphone. The new "remote control" is better than the remote control function of the old system. In addition, the controls differ depending on the application that the user controls remotely.

The entire system benefits from trusting a user's Google Account and family sharing. In addition to privacy concerns, this feature allows users to access more personalized content.

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