How is the relationship between Windows 11 and Windows Vista?
How is the relationship between Windows 11 and Windows Vista?

Windows 11 was a huge success before its official release. Users have received the messages they posted with great openness, but there are also places that have caused concern and confusion among users, including their high demands on the process.

Ironically, some tech leaders have equated the quality with the quantity of critical Windows updates. However, Windows 7 was very successful when the odd numbers came out, and Windows 8 was less successful when the even numbers came out.

Perhaps Windows 11, on the one hand, marks a fresh return to Windows Vista, a system that Windows users have never accepted.

The relationship between Windows 11 and Vista

20 years ago, there was a lot of news about the "Longhorn Bull". The name also expresses the new, longer version of Windows, which will succeed Windows XP.

During its development, this new system underwent more than one major change. This includes a new look called "Slate" and a new file manager app that replaces the file browser that still exists today. It has a 3D effect throughout the system.

The system faced many difficulties during its development phase. Until its launch in the market in 2006 as Windows Vista. Then the use of the tools function was called "tools". Along with many visual effects in the system, it greatly reduces the user's graphics card.

According to the combination of odd and even numbers, Vista is the sixth edition of Windows. Of course, the reason for the failure is not only quantity, but irony.

A year later, Windows 7 was launched as one of the best operating systems ever, and millions of users around the world are still using it.

Some people may think that Windows Eleven Edition is Windows Vista Edition 2. It also comes with major design changes as well as the need for some internal PC specs as well as mandatory TPM chips for the system to work. As well as widgets and visual effects.

Windows 11 was probably the original target of Windows Vista. But there are really big differences between these two systems, and there are also big differences in the age of each system. Unlike today, Windows Vista came at a time when hardware was limited.

Microsoft has always been known as a company that really learned from its mistakes, and its biggest mistake is undoubtedly the previous Windows 8 and Vista operating systems. Running Windows 11 is only a matter of time, we know if it's a return to a bad experience or a good start for a new version of Windows.

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