How services and platforms can come back after their collapse
How services and platforms can come back after their collapse

Over the years, we have come to know about many services and platforms, but some of them have completely disappeared, either because they had problems or because they were not known. Experts say these platforms could make a comeback, but only if certain steps are taken.

With a little thought, we can remember many platforms that have completely collapsed and disappeared. These include Vine, MySpace, Meerkat, etc.

Of course, existing users may not like the average apps that users loved in 2012. But what if these apps were updated and improved to accommodate existing users? Especially given the popularity of the old platform.

Activate the old platform

YikYak is a clear example of how the platform and app can be brought to life. In fact, the app, which was founded in 2013, quickly announced its comeback.

It is a small social networking application used for communication and messaging based on obfuscation of the identity of the users. The app was discontinued in 2017 after heavy criticism and its popularity plummeted sharply.

The developer said that once the app is back, the new policy is to resolve bullying and hate on the platform, thus solving previous issues. We don't know how well YikYak will be able to recover successfully, but we do have some indications.

According to Sensor Tower, the app received more than 107,000 downloads in the first two days, although it's only available for iOS and the US.

You have a chance to come back

According to experts, old apps that have completely disappeared can return to the market with the same force. Because he just has to come back with modern shapes and designs and seriously try to solve the problems that made him go in the past. Plus marketing and user acquisition of course.

Maybe that's exactly what YikYak did. For example, if Vine comes back with the same name and theme but improves the design and user experience based on existing users, users will undoubtedly be eager to give it a try.

On the other hand, YikYak has had major problems in the past few days. It has been blocked by schools and universities because it allows users to harass and intimidate others while keeping their identities secret. What makes apps even more dangerous is their reliance on geospatial data for work, which means that everyone often bullies someone they know.

Despite the bad past, the platform seems to have been successful at first, and this is probably a positive sign for all the other platforms that have disappeared in the past few years.

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