Everything you need to know about Apple Arcade
Everything you need to know about Apple Arcade

All the major tech companies have started to focus on gaming without exception. This is because it is an area that is constantly growing. Of course, Apple left the field without going through the Apple Arcade service.

Google entered this field via the Stadia cloud service, Microsoft is via Xbox Live and Xbox Cloud, Amazon is currently developing the Luna cloud playback service, and there are also companies specializing in games and providing their own services, such as Ubisoft or EA.

Apple launched its Apple Arcade gaming service with iOS 13 in 2019. So far the company seems to be successful.

Apple Arcade service

Apple Games offers a monthly subscription plan exclusively for Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

The game currently offers up to 200 games. Since its first launch, the service has received a large number of games. These games vary in type and gameplay, and some of them are original games developed under the supervision of Apple.

However, Apple Arcade is not a game streaming service like Stadia or Xbox Cloud, it requires players to download the game to their devices in order to play.

The service and its games can run on any iPhone with iOS 13 and later and on any Apple TV with tvOS 13. On a Mac, users need macOS Catalina or later.

Without a doubt, the service is paid and not free. It costs $4.99 per month, and users who have not yet signed up can use it for free for one month. With an annual subscription, the service costs $49.99. In some cases, Apple also offers three months of free service to users who purchase new hardware from their devices. However, this offer is valid for some countries/regions and markets.

The most important features and characteristics

The service does not have a dedicated app, but it is integrated into the App Store. This applies to all Apple devices and products where there is a separate tab in the Main Store tab. You can register your subscription from the same tab.

As part of the Family Sharing feature, Apple Arcade subscriptions can be shared with family members. You can share it with up to five other family members for a fixed monthly price. When you add them to your family members, you can share them with your friends as well.

You can also cancel your subscription at any time by going to the subscription settings in the App Store app and looking for a dedicated section in the Play Store. Generally, you can also access and download games from the Services tab of the App Store.

The difference between Apple service games is that they do not have a subscription or internal payment because the service itself is chargeable. For the same reason, there are no ads included. The service you subscribe to does not give you free access to paid games in the App Store and must be purchased separately. But sometimes games can be obtained separately from stores and services.

The service does not get you any new games at a fixed price as you get a new game every 2-3 weeks. You can see the list of available games and the most important information about them via this link. However, the game usually takes place on Fridays.

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