IKEA launches the first smart air purifier
IKEA launches the first smart air purifier

IKEA is expanding its range of smart home appliances with a new air purifier called Starkvind. There are two versions of the tool, a combination of technology and design.

There are many reasons to buy an air purifier, such as breathing cleaner air or fighting allergies.

Prices in this category range from $80 to $800, and include app-based control, smart assistant compatibility, access to more data, and customization.

As part of its first foray into smart air purifiers, IKEA hopes to enter the market by honoring its motto, affordability and simplicity.

The Swedish giant offers two models of Starkvind air purifiers, the first of which is placed independently on the floor and the second in the form of a side table. They cost $129 and $189, respectively.

However, you have to pay $35 for Smart Home Center separately to access the app-based controls.

In this price range, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of the Mila and Dyson smart and regular models. The interiors of both IKEA air purifiers are identical because they have a triple filter system that captures large particles such as hair and dust.

The device can filter 99.5% of small particles, dust, pollen, formaldehyde and other pollutants in the air as small as 2.5 microns (or 400 mm) and even remove unpleasant odors.

IKEA launches the first smart air purifier

Starkvind also offers five different fan speeds that can be used individually or controlled and programmed via the IKEA Home app and TRÅDFRI Smart Home Hub.

TRÅDFRI is a disc-shaped device that acts as a bridge between IKEA smart products (eg blinds, lighting, speakers) and your mobile phone.

Auto mode relies on a built-in sensor to automatically adjust the fan speed based on the number of smaller particles in the air. You can check the measured values ​​by yourself in the app.

"Smart homes are not an IKEA gadget," the company said. By combining our knowledge of sustainable furniture with digital solutions and technologies, we can improve lives and homes.

"Clean indoor air is an important factor for health," she added. We know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to indoor air pollution. We have always been committed to positive change so that people can purify the air in their homes.

Starkvind floor units are available in black and white on the floor, while the side tables are available in dark or light colors. Both products were launched in IKEA stores and online in October.

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