Huawei participates in the production of smart electric cars
Huawei participates in the production of smart electric cars

Chinese telecom company Huawei and China's Guangzhou Automobile Group have teamed up to produce a smart SUV that will be on the market in 2023.

The electric SUV will be the first joint product between the two companies. It was named as the first joint product of the two organizations. Electric vehicles have four levels of autonomy and new energy capabilities.

GAC provides architecture and Huawei provides information and communications technology, and the two partners have planned eight models and several series of electric vehicles.

The GAC Group embraces and encourages global technological innovations in their vehicles. Huawei is a world leader in many technical fields. This strategic collaboration enables them to build a new generation of smart cars and digital platforms.

A number of future models, such as electric SUVs, will use the GAC Group's GEP.30 chassis platform and Huawei's CCA ICT architecture. In addition to providing a full range of Huawei smart car solutions.

Huawei, Didi and the Guangzhou Automobile Group announced in June that they are pooling resources, data and scientific research.

The trio added: “The exciting project that the GAC Group is working on with Huawei and Didi is a Level 4 autonomous vehicle that can be operated almost entirely without manual intervention.” Current Driving Assistance The mechanism is classified as Level 2 autonomy.

Huawei cooperates with GAC Automobile

By combining three-tiered resources, L4 smart cars will be mass-produced in 2024. Use the design and manufacturing capabilities of GAC Group and autonomous driving software from Huawei and Didi

Didi's smart hardware platform, Didi Gemini, has been tested by a number of multinational car companies.

Didi founder Cheng Wei previously said the company hopes to have 1 million self-driving cars by 2025. That's what Uber was aiming for when it received $500 million from Toyota in 2018. In December 2020, Uber sold its autonomous driving unit.

The global electric vehicle market continues to grow. Data predicts that the global electric vehicle market will grow nearly fivefold from 2016 to 2027, an increase of 20% year-on-year.

GAC Group can follow this trend and build cleaner, greener, higher quality vehicles. GAC Group's goal is to produce a series of fully electric vehicles by 2025.

In addition, this rapid growth shows that the auto market has a new demand for Chinese smart cars.

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