Instagram puts ads in store tags
Instagram puts ads in store tags

After testing Instagram over the past few weeks, Instagram has introduced new ad product options to all app retailers under the Instagram Store tab.

Last year, the platform launched the Store as part of Facebook's largest e-commerce campaign.

Brands with product listings can advertise on the Store tab using a "Sponsored" disclaimer to identify paid posts.

"After a successful trial period, we will be posting ads on Instagram store tags around the world to make it easier for brands to discover and buy," the platform said.

The items in the Store are currently displayed in a two-column square tile grid. The screen appears as a box in this structure. However, they are marked with the "Sponsored" logo in the lower right corner of the image.

After clicking on the ad, it will take you to the product detail page, which displays more information about the brand's products, additional images, and other products.

Users can also save the list of sponsored products to the wish list or share it with friends via the details page.

The addition is part of a broader e-commerce transformation of the platform designed to slowly teach users to expect in-app purchase photo items.

One of the highlights is the Store tab that was launched last July.

With stores closed due to the coronavirus, more and more people are participating in e-commerce. The step-by-step alignment of the buying options on the platform means that there is more buying activity out there. Over time, this will make a more valuable promotional tool.

Instagram puts ads on store stickers

As the platform learns more about each user's shopping and product preferences, store stickers become more valuable.

Note that 80% of the platform users follow at least one brand. This ensures that the product can be discovered and advertised in the app.

The new 'Promotional' option is used in countries where the 'Shopping' tab is available. These ads are displayed in an auction-based form. It appears on mobile devices because the Store tab is not available on desktop devices.

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