iPad can receive WhatsApp for the first time
iPad can receive WhatsApp for the first time

It looks like WhatsApp wants to bring out a completely native iPad app for the first time.

The company has always allowed iPhone users and other smartphone users to use the service. However, Facebook's messenger is not currently available as an iPad app.

In the beta version that is currently being tested, it appears that the situation is about to change.

This is part of the company's announcement in July that it was developing next-generation encryption technology that will allow true multi-device connectivity without the need to connect to a smartphone.

The end-to-end encryption of the messaging platform requires that users set up the services using their mobile phone as the primary account device.

Apple Insider noticed some tweets over the weekend from the WABetaInfo account, an unofficial source that contains detailed information about upcoming WhatsApp features.

According to the account, the upcoming multi-device beta will allow iPads and Android tablets to be used as devices for the first time, logged into the messaging platform's account.

A subsequent tweet claimed that there could be a local app (rather than a web app) and that it could run independently. If your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, it will turn on. The conversation should also be synced between iPhone and iPad.

There is no word on when this app and this integration will arrive. The WABetaInfo account is under development and will be released in a future update.

However, if you have the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, you can also access the iPad version.

On the other hand, many people who have been using messaging platforms for many years may have gotten used to not having this app on their tablets. But multi-device support seems to be the best time to make WhatsApp work on more devices.

iPad can receive WhatsApp for the first time

Although mentioned in beta, there is currently no separate iPadOS app available for testing. According to the sources, beta users will receive the app automatically after testing the iPadOS app.

In a July report, a spokesperson for the platform confirmed that current multi-device support relies on smartphone mirroring in order to work, so the iPhone must be powered on and connected to the internet for it to work.

The spokesperson confirmed that these apps will also work in the next version of the multi-device feature. However, it is not necessary to activate the host smartphone.

The news of the change came a week after the platform announced that it would move chat history between iOS and Android devices. Also in July, conference call notifications and account verification moved to beta.

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