Tech giants accept the metaverse
Tech giants accept the metaverse

After Silicon Valley's most important minds developed a keen interest in this technology, metavirus has become the most important term in the tech field.

On the other hand, this technology represents the real future of the Internet. It will also take social media to a whole new level of reality and pave the way for thousands of new projects and technologies.

Mark Zuckerberg is already planning to turn his social network into the Metaverse. Both the Nvidia founder and Microsoft CEO are very interested in Metaverse and believe that Metaverse is a great business opportunity.

Beginning of the Metaverse Era

All components of the Internet and all technological innovations can be part of the metaverse. Virtual reality games, along with online activities, social media, and the Internet itself, is one of the most important of these components.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this technology is that it is so mysterious and new. The term was first introduced by writer Neil Stephenson in his early 1992 novel "Avalanche". He described it as a very large virtual world.

The Metaverse concept has also attracted entrepreneurs led by technology leaders. Like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, etc. Perhaps the most important reason is the profit that can be made in this field.

This technology can be described as a very large virtual world. Therefore, profit can be made, regardless of whether it is a product that can be sold or an advertisement that can be displayed in this world.

Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence can advance this field. In addition, the strong interest shown by the technicians will play an important role.

However, the developmental stage of this world is still in its infancy, which is the last projected image of the pioneers in this field. In addition, the image will rely heavily on augmented reality technology, as devices and accessories allow the effective transfer of the user and his or her body to the virtual world.

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