iPhone 13 has a portrait video mode
iPhone 13 has a portrait video mode

Apple's upcoming iPhone 13 series has received no fewer than three major new camera and video recording features that the company says will be the biggest temptation to upgrade over previous models.

The new phone includes a video version of the phone's portrait mode feature, the ability to record video in a high-quality format called ProRes, and a new filter-like system that can improve the appearance and color of photos.

The camera function is one of the main selling points of the iPhone 12 successor, and the iPhone 12 will go on sale in the coming weeks.

The new iPhone also received relatively modest upgrades during the camera upgrade. In the past year, the company has improved the design of the phone, added a 5G network, and updated the camera hardware.

This year, in addition to the design, the company retains the same dimensions of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

The new phone has a faster A15 chip and a smaller notch. In addition to the new screen technology that achieves a faster refresh rate for smoother scrolling.

Cupertino usually releases a new iPhone in September. However, the release was pushed back to October last year due to production complications from the coronavirus.

With the company now delaying a return to the office for several weeks, the company's next iPhone release is likely to be speculative.

The company first added portrait mode to the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016. This function can bring people into focus and blur the background with a bokeh effect.

The company plans to add videos using the same technology through a feature called in-movie video.

As with still photos, the iPhone's depth sensor creates this effect and allows users to change the degree of blur after the photo is taken.

iPhone 13 has a portrait video mode

The new ProRes video recording feature allows iPhone users to record clips in a high-quality format, giving editors more control over the post-production process.

This format is used by professional video editors in the film industry. ProRes is recorded in HD and 4K formats on the following iPhones.

ProRes After introducing ProRAW last year, ProRAW is a high-quality still image file format that gives professional editors more control.

Like ProRAW, ProRes video recording can only be used on more expensive iPhone Pro models.

There is also another feature that gives users more control over how the colors appear in the image.

Users can choose from a variety of patterns to apply to their photos, and one of them can display colors in warmer or cooler temperatures while maintaining the neutrality of white.

Another option adds a more dramatic look with darker tones and more contrast. The company plans a more balanced approach to make the realistic colors brighter.

In addition, this feature is different from the standard filters that have been available in the iPhone camera app since 2013.

This feature uses artificial intelligence to make subtle changes to things and people through photos. Instead of applying a single filter to the entire image.

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