Is Apple failing in podcasting?
Is Apple failing in podcasting?

Apple announced last April that it had begun subsidizing monthly subscriptions to its podcast service. The company also revealed a complete redesign of the app, which is the biggest update to the app since its release.

This advertisement attracted the attention of millions of users. Because it enables content creators to monetize by providing paid podcasts to millions of Apple users. On the other hand, podcast fans think Apple's service is the best without competition.

But users seem to be very optimistic. Because after a few months of making the new service available to users, it didn't give them what they were looking for.

Apple podcast service

Several podcast makers have revealed that the new platform has failed them in more ways than one. This company, which is known for the simplicity and effectiveness of its products, has a very poor user experience when it comes to controlling podcasts.

Podcast creators (so-called podcasts) can manage their shows and episodes through the Apple Podcasts Connect platform. It is described as complex, difficult to use and fraught with problems.

Using this platform is a must for software developers. Because it allows them to add episodes, follow subscriptions, etc. The content creators encountered many problems and errors, the most important of which may be the disappearance of the entire podcast from the platform until the company steps in and fixes the problem.

The situation does not look much better for the public. Since the April update, the Apple Podcasts app itself has also experienced major issues. The user encountered an error while autoloading the episode.

These users rely on Apple to automatically download new episodes of the shows they're watching. However, that didn't happen until Apple fixed the problem and updated the app.

The company has not explained the causes of these issues to users or producers of podcast content. On the other hand, podcasts are affected because they publish their episodes on multiple platforms at the same time. This takes time and effort, especially given the ongoing issues on these platforms.

It's clear that Apple's focus on podcasting isn't high enough. Due to issues with the creator dashboard and the audience app, the episode may be delayed or not be listened to effectively.

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