YikYak is back again.. get to know it
YikYak is back again.. get to know it

YikYak is back. This was discontinued in 2017 after the issues I had at the time could not be resolved.

The platform once again announced its comeback via Twitter. It will only return as an iOS app for now. The platform offers a completely different social networking experience as it relies on anonymity.

The platform was founded in 2013 by students from Tyler Droll and Brooks Bvington at Furman University in South Carolina.

What is YikYak

The platform allows its users to create conversational topics called yak. However, these themes are only visible to users within a five-mile radius. In other words, it is a communication platform for people who are close to each other.

The main purpose of creating this platform is to allow students to chat with each other. Since it is primarily a social media platform, it has a feature called Yakarama. This is the score each user gets based on how much other users like their topic and responses.

Later, the app allowed users to see and interact with yaks even when they were far away. Later in 2016, users will be able to edit their profile and add their own. They also use symbolic information to conceal their identity.

As the network allows its users to reveal their identity, it enables them to share racist and offensive content. In addition to the platform's use of intimidation, the problem also escalated after a vulnerability was discovered in the app that made it possible to reveal the identity of its user.

Due to the issues caused by the app, 76% of its users lost in 2016. YikYak decided to shut down the app in April 2017.

Today, as mentioned earlier, the company announced the return of its iOS app and promised to release an Android version soon. Nobody knows how users will receive feedback from the app, and whether users who haven't tried it before closing it will be interested.

The app has not disclosed how to resist offensive or harmful content. However, the yak who got more than 5 votes will be automatically deleted. There is no doubt that all social media platforms have major problems dealing with user posted content, and YikYak is no exception.

The application will again display its main functions. It is anonymous and based on geolocation. Plus, it's currently only available in the US.

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