Microsoft has reinterpreted the design of Windows 11
Microsoft has reinterpreted the design of Windows 11

Microsoft is redesigning its drawing app for Windows 11. The app has been updated with a new command bar that takes many of the same options and tools from the Windows 10 drawing interface.

This is Paint's first major update in years, and it even includes a dark mode.

Panos Banai, Microsoft Windows and Device Manager, is eager to redesign the Paint app on the Twitter platform. It is a classic desktop application with a history dating back to the first version of Windows in 1985.

The teaser video showed improvements to painter's font selection, brushes, and dark mode.

These tools look much more useful now, with a quick selection that can display all of the different brushes and their effects.

The Microsoft Font for Paint tool can now float as well, offering options like size and orientation.

It appears that there is no layer option. However, this is the first major update since the Paint app has received the ribbon interface.

Microsoft plans to remove Paint from Windows 10 at some point and then reverse it and keep it as part of the operating system.

Instead, the company has begun removing 3D Paint from your Windows 10 installation, a program designed to update or even replace the traditional Paint app.

The current version of the new Paint app does not have the Edit with Paint 3D button because Paint 3D is not included with Windows 11.

Redesigned Paint app for Windows 11

It's not clear when Windows Insiders can try out this new color theme. But Banay said he will test soon.

Banai tweeted, “This is another debut of Windows 11. It's a beautifully redesigned Paint app that's powered by Windows Insider.

The company creates new builds for nearly every major Windows 11 app. The list includes clocks, recorders, calculators, office suites, notebooks, photos, and even graphics.

The company will begin rolling out updated core apps for the new operating system in the coming weeks to receive customer feedback.

In addition to these applications, the company is also developing new Outlook and Microsoft Teams software for the upcoming operating system. These applications are based on the Microsoft Edge WebViewer engine.

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