Microsoft plans to exclude Google and Facebook in Europe
Microsoft plans to exclude Google and Facebook in Europe

The Australian government has proposed a new law against Facebook and Google. Here I am accusing them of using the news platform content for free.

Google sometimes shows users notifications about some important global news. Facebook does the same with its app. This message comes directly from the news page.

The Australian government claims that this approach allows users to view news prepared and published by these platforms without having to visit their websites, reducing traffic and profits for these news platforms.

The struggle between Australia and the tech giants

The new law aims to allow Facebook and Google to pay news platforms every time they quote information. Facebook reacted violently to this law. He has completely stopped covering Australian news.

On the flip side, Google tends to be more controversial because it has officially stated that the message is described as a "read more" option. When the reader clicks on it, they will be taken directly to the news source page.

Google is not satisfied with the objections because it has officially threatened that it will leave the Australian market entirely if the law is enforced. The goal is to scare the government as 95% of Australian citizens primarily use Google.

Microsoft seizes the opportunity

Microsoft owns a rival search engine from Google, Bing. Once Google threatened Australia in this way, Microsoft stepped in and declared its full support for the Australian Information Act, although it was not initially directed against Australia.

Microsoft found a great opportunity in these activities. A conflict between Google and the Australian government could threaten the company to leave the country, withdraw from certain regions, or even severely incriminate itself.

This will open a wide scope for Microsoft to attract millions of new users who are Australian citizens, especially its search engine which, despite its accurate search results, competes with Google on a global scale.

Microsoft also has Europe in its sights

In addition to doing what it did in Australia, Microsoft encouraged EU countries to discuss the same laws. In cooperation with the European Publishers Council and European media, the company issued the following statement:

Publishers may not have the financial strength to negotiate fair and balanced deals with big tech companies. This could cause them to be taken out of the market entirely. "

Microsoft has been actively supporting journalists and publishers since the beginning of this crisis. Of course, this company has its reasons, but its actions can bring significant changes in the technological world. When Google threatened Australia, I thought the government would change its decision, but Microsoft's intervention made a huge difference.

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