When dark mode is enabled the sound changes in Windows 11
When dark mode is enabled the sound changes in Windows 11

Microsoft intends to introduce major cosmetic changes to Windows 11. These changes are probably the most significant and recent in the history of the largest operating system.

Microsoft attaches great importance to the technical aspects of the system. And his attention to detail in the new operating system makes Audio Switch change with the way it's used.

For example, when dark mode is activated, the sound becomes quieter and more relaxing, while normal mode does the opposite.

Sound in Windows 11

Windows 11 Creative and Design Director talked about the hidden dimensions brought up in UX design. It aims to provide a comfortable and familiar user experience through a variety of new elements.

They talked about the importance of silence in everyday life and how the new Windows version is customized. In Windows 11, the dark mode brings completely different sounds than the traditional mode. These are the tones that users manage during their daily use of the operating system, for example. Notification tones.

A company spokesperson said the new tones have a rounded wavelength that makes them loud enough to remind users but without disturbing or interrupting their attention.

Matthew Bennett, who was responsible for designing the new sound, explained that it was all about comfort and silence to adapt to whatever situation or situation the system could be used in.

User Experience

In addition, millions of users around the world use computers for hours of work and study every day. Therefore, the sound of the operating system should be pleasant, unobtrusive and not cumbersome.

When using Windows 11 in normal mode or the lighting mode described by some people, the acoustics will not differ, but not much. We can say that it is stronger and more advanced.

When designing and developing the new system, the opinions of millions of users were taken into account. The design team is eager to solve any problems we encounter in Windows 10. In addition, the new system is described as "emotion, humanity, and self." "

As we have already learned, the new system will undergo major changes in terms of design and user experience. The system offers rounded edges for windows. With a simpler, more elegant menu and redesigned Settings app that users touch every day.

However, there are other factors that may affect the success and deployment of the new Microsoft system, such as: b. performance or compatibility. But since the system was announced, the response to the system has been mainly positive.

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