Netflix adds support for spatial audio on iPhone
Netflix adds support for spatial audio on iPhone

Netflix has confirmed that it is now rolling out Spatial Audio to its iPhone and iPad apps.

This provides an immersive experience with directional audio filters, and a company spokesperson confirmed that support for this feature has been rolled out to iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.

The toggle button for managing spatial audio is located in the Control Center. The spatial audio function is unique to AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

According to Apple, spatial audio is an immersive experience. Uses directional audio filters to play sound almost anywhere in the room to create an immersive audio experience.

This will put the surrounding channels in place even if you turn your head or move your device.

Here's how Apple describes spatial audio for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users: Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking brings a cinematic experience straight to AirPods Pro.

By applying directional audio filters and tuning the frequency received by each ear, Spatial Audio can locate sound almost anywhere in the room and create an immersive surround sound experience.

Using the gyroscope and accelerometer in AirPods Pro and iPhone, spatial audio tracks the movement of your head and device, compares motion data, then resets the sound field so that it stays in line with the device even if your head moves. .

iOS 15 takes spatial audio to a new level with the new Spatialize Stereo option, which simulates the spatial audio experience for non-Dolby Atmos content.

Netflix adds support for spatial audio on iPhone

Depending on what you see, you can activate the spatial audio display in the volume control. Or turn it into a stereo-spatial indicator.

The interface also ensures that in the first case the audio track is played on multiple channels. In another case, it will play in normal stereo sound.

Movies that are too old or not updated are processed in iOS 15 forced conversion mode, so if you're using iOS 14 you won't notice any difference.

Others make use of spatial sound. This way, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users can listen to almost any song or video.

If you don't see spatial sound effects in the Netflix app. Make sure you have the latest version of the App Store and keep checking back over the next several weeks.

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