Panasonic announces neck-mounted speaker
Panasonic announces neck-mounted speaker

Panasonic introduced the SoundSlayer Wearable Gaming Headset System (WIGSS) at Gamescom 2021.

This new device is the latest member of the series, which also includes the more traditional loudspeaker SC-HTB01.

With the unique ergonomic shoulder strap design, you can comfortably enjoy realistic surround sound while playing your favorite video games.

Similar to the gaming amplifier's sister HTB01, released in 2020, SoundSlayer WIGSS has been specially developed for gamers in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX.

In addition, the device offers a wide sound field and three different sound modes to enhance the gaming experience.

The three sound modes of SoundSlayer WIGSS allow users to fully enjoy the immersive gaming experience.

SoundSlayer WIGSS has a high-resolution audio field that enhances the sound of the game and provides a realistic experience in the virtual world.

Optimized for use with Final Fantasy XIV Online, it provides a unique audio experience in the world of Hydaelyn.

Panasonic announces neck-mounted speaker

So SoundSlayer WIGSS is equipped with three different game sound modes: role playing, first person shooter and sound mode.

The role-playing mode is very suitable for role-playing games and has been optimized for Final Fantasy XIV Online. This position creates a sense of reality and severity. Thus, players get the impression that they are in the virtual world of the game.

First-person shooting mode provides accurate sound localization so users can hear subtle noises such as footsteps. This gives players an advantage in first and third person shooting.

Voice mode enhances the human voice and further contributes to the immersive experience. Recommended for adventure games, the clear dialogues can provide important clues.

SoundSlayer WIGSS also has a music mode and a cinema mode, so players can enjoy a realistic audio experience through non-game content such as movies and TV shows.

In addition, by equipping it with two high-performance noise and echo suppression microphones, you can chat clearly with other players without being bothered by the surrounding sound.

SoundSlayer WIGSS uses original audio technology and a full-range four-channel amplifier in an ergonomic and portable design.

In addition, this high-quality gaming amplifier combines original processing technologies such as True MAGESS with a powerful signal processor. For a great audio experience.

True MAGESS is equipped with four full-range speakers that deliver full surround sound and are powerful enough to deliver clear sound.

A high-performance signal processor with original signal processing technology can produce realistic surround sound. It is also compatible with multi-channel content and reproduces a more natural environment.

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