Instagram is testing search by interests
Instagram is testing search by interests

Instagram has announced a new search system for its mobile app that shows photo and video suggestions, not just user accounts, hashtags, and locations.

In the future, the platform will clearly display photos and videos in search results to make it easier for users to find new articles for you.

Upcoming changes to the platform's search system will be announced on the company's official blog, which describes how search works today and how the platform aims to improve it.

If you are currently searching for something on the platform, you will see a list of related accounts or hashtags. However, no image or video content is displayed.

The platform wants to display the photos and videos you are looking for so that users can discover new content that might interest them.

The company also shared a screenshot showing how the new Instagram search works.

Thanks to the update, cross-platform search topic content looks more like Pinterest, with a grid of photos and videos on the topic.

Change the result of the display of the photo and video grid, as well as the account and hashtags, so that it does not differ from the display of results on the TikTok platform.

The search tweaks are part of a series of improvements designed to inspire and discover. The company uses keyword research to provide visual results. But the platform plan makes them all the more important.

Instagram is testing search by interests

The platform wrote: Searching for terms like “space” will yield results from suggested photos and videos along with traditional accounts and hashtags, encouraging further exploration.

"Visible results always come after the keywords," she added. But it should become bigger and more popular. This is especially useful if you don't have an exact username or hashtag when searching for a specific topic.

If the method is known, it is because this is how Tik Tok search works. You don't have to search for specific users there. Users can search for a topic and TikTok will show related videos.

With the growing popularity of Tik Tok, it is not surprising that Instagram wants to go the same way as the social networks of its competitors.

There is no information on when the new search will be available to users of the platform. However, the company said it may be available in English for search results first.

New search results are available for different topics and languages. But the platform is still working hard to expand this feature.

Currently, users can browse through the new results by searching for search terms marked with the magnifying glass.

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