Reasons for the enmity between Apple and Facebook
Reasons for the enmity between Apple and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg met Facebook President and Apple CEO Tim Cook in July 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to improve their relationship.

This meeting took place during the activities of one of the meetings in which they met from time to time. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is suffering the consequences of a data breach known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The data of 50 million users of the platform was leaked and this data was used to influence American voters.

During their meeting, Zuckerberg asked the CEO of Apple what he would do if he was in his job. He replied here that Facebook should delete user data collected without their permission or through tracking outside of its apps.

The conflict between Apple and Facebook

Zuckerberg was surprised by Tim Cook's suggestion because he found it strange and illogical. Because Facebook mainly depends on collecting data from users to learn more about them and then targeting them with sponsored ads.

This day can be considered a day of grievances between Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. Two years after this incident, Apple released a major new privacy update that introduced a new feature that allows users to take control of tracking.

With this new feature, users can opt out or agree to be tracked by the app. This feature is Apple's massive attack on Facebook.

Companies that provide advertising services, especially Facebook, are completely dependent on user tracking. The Facebook app can track you when you exit and switch to another app and as soon as you install a new app, it knows what websites you visit etc.

It is this information that enables it to target the ad you are really interested in because, by analyzing large amounts of data, it knows what is useful to you.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg work quite differently. Since the former offers products that truly protect user privacy and digital security, they always get paid. The second offers completely free social networks and services. But in return, you sacrifice your data and privacy.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg had a bad relationship. Especially after a company was funded by Facebook and other companies to publish critical and misleading articles about Tim Cook, he allegedly ran for president. Some people stated that the goal was to destroy Tim Cook and Donald Trump's relationship at the time. . 2017.

Apple has confirmed that the new anti-tracking feature is based on the idea that users have the right to choose whether or not to be tracked. On the other hand, Facebook believes that Apple's goal is only to take advantage of the new features, and this threatens merchants and small businesses that market their products through Facebook.

Over the past few years, Tim Cook has moved away from Facebook and has not cemented his relationship with Facebook. Since data protection and digital security are very important to him, this completely violates the way Facebook works.

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