Aikufe Game Pro Wireless Controller for Switch
Aikufe Game Pro Wireless Controller for Switch

Aikufe Wireless Switch Controller, Aikufe Pro Bluetooth Game Controller, Compatible Switch / Switch Lite Remote Controller with Turbo, Dual Vibration, 6-Axis Motion, Programming Function and Screenshots

Latest Switch console, cool design, compatible with Switch and Switch Lite. With the help of bluetooth technology, you can enjoy realistic gaming experience and comfortable gaming experience in the long run.

6-axis gyroscope function
The built-in 6-axis somatosensory gyro sensor can flexibly track changes in movement and direction. Provide more realistic feedback about the game.

Powerful dual drive shock absorbers
The built-in dual motor damper provides excellent vibratory effects and ensures immersive realism and excitement.

Turbo blast function
Make the game simple and easy. One-click blast, unlimited shooting, easy operation without jitter.

🎮 One button to wake up the console
The console will automatically go into standby mode if nothing is done within 5 minutes. Press the HOME button to activate the console and reconnect (warm reminder: the console cannot be woken up)

Long playing time
The built-in 400mAh battery can be fully charged for about 3 hours and provides more than 15 hours of playing time.

Programmable M1/M2/M3/M4 buttons
Depending on the user's preference, the programming buttons at the bottom are assigned to frequently used function or group buttons, which are convenient to control and allow you to dive deeper into the game world.

🎮 360 degree HD joystick

Fast, accurate and high-precision positioning can be achieved without dead zone.

Colorful LED lit switches
It is very cool at night and shows the character.

🎮 ergonomic design
Comfortable concave rocker relieves finger pressure. The contoured handle conforms to your hands better.

🎮 screenshot button
Save and save your achievements at any time and you can share many skills with your friends.

Aikufe Game Pro Wireless Controller for Switch
Aikufe Game Pro Wireless Controller for Switch

  •  🎮 [Wide Compatibility] The 2021 redesigned Switch console is suitable for all Switch games. Such as "Super Mario Odyssey", "Legend of Zelda", "Splatoon", "Breath of the Wild", "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition" and so on. Get the best in-game gaming experience.
  • 🎮 [Multifunctional Controller] This professional wireless controller supports 6-axis gyro sensor function and dual motor vibration function, giving you more realistic and realistic gaming feedback. The action buttons and sensitive joysticks can operate the shooter easily and experience the fun of sliding. You can play with your friends and family, the turbo function provides more fun for multiplayer games!
  • 🎮 [Ergonomic Design] 360-degree high-precision swing arm, equipped with closed rod cover, non-slip and anti-kill. The circumferential handle is more convenient for the hand. Non-slip matte material with mesh design can prevent sweating. The rear programming button is handy when you need to press R, Zr, L or ZL at the same time. All designs allow you to immerse yourself further in the game world.
  • 🎮 [Large Capacity Battery] This wireless switch controller has a built-in 400mAh lithium battery. It can be fully charged in 3 hours, giving you more than 15 hours of playtime, and it comes with a 31-inch Type-C cable that works well even while charging. Continuous games bring continuous happiness.
  • 🎮 More playable and fun] This game
  • The controller is not only compatible with Switch/Switch Lite but also compatible with PS3, Android and PC (via Win 7 systems), but it affects vibration and six-axis functions in some modes. Please refer to the manual for more information. Note: The console is manufactured and sold by a third party, not an original product.

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