Apple's CSAM shows the need for digital rights
Apple's CSAM shows the need for digital rights

Apple is known as a company that cares about user privacy and digital security. From the iPhone hack of the NSO Group program to the company's new system for reviewing user photos, Apple has gone through a lot.

The company recently revealed its CSAM plan. During the implementation of the plan, all images on users' mobile phones will be scanned for child pornography. CSAM is an acronym for Child Sexual Abuse Material. Any material related to child sexual abuse.

The update was revealed completely silently on the company's official website. However, this does not prevent the spread of information and of course opinions differ.

Apple's CSAM Program and its relationship to digital rights

Apple's move may be a good one, but it's also good for children's safety. However, doing this by scanning all users' photos on mobile phones and iCloud will not appeal to all users.

Honest users may find that they need to ask Apple to check their photos regularly just because they want to. Apple may have significant, unnecessarily trouble making this decision. Since users can lose trust in them, this is a huge loss for them.

These incidents are due to the fact that iPhones are vulnerable to hacking attacks by the software of the Israeli company NSO. It was very sensitive when Apple announced its CSAM plan. Apple is now fully investigating user photos and can't stop the NSO hacking attack.

At the moment, it can be considered closed. Because there is more than one way to reverse the new system after the announcement. Governments of different countries welcome and support this system.

In the face of all these events, he began to demand digital rights for every user. It is actually announced in accordance with the law. These digital rights include the prevention of tracking and monitoring, as well as the monitoring of all iPhone users in one way or another by the new CSAM software.

This tracking and monitoring has caused many issues including the Cambridge Analytica scandal against Facebook, the NSO's ability to undermine user safety and privacy, and even CSAM's plan to poison Honey.

After the official announcement, company president Tim Cook did not comment on the company's new plans or respond to criticism of the company.

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