ANNKE 5MP Lite 16 Channel Security Video Recorder
ANNKE 5MP Lite 16 Channel Security Video Recorder

ANNKE 5MP Lite 16ch Video Recorder with 2TB HDD, H.265 + 5 in 1 Hybrid DVR, Supports 16ch analog cameras and 2 IP cameras, which is used for home monitoring, remote viewing and motion detection

 5 mega pixel digital video recorder

The DVR supports up to 16 security camera simulators and PC network cameras at the same time. After switching to IP signal in the settings, up to 24 computers can be connected to IP cameras (without analog cameras) at the same time.

 Easy to install

Other items required to operate the DVR (not included): ANNKE analog or IP camera, BNC cable, camera adapter, and hard disk. Use the BNC cable to connect the camera to the DVR, use the included network cable to connect the DVR to the router, turn on the camera and DVR and get instant real-time viewing and 24/7 recording.

Fast heat dissipation and low noise

With strong materials and low power consumption, the DVR can ensure fast heat dissipation even after prolonged use, ensuring maximum performance and reliability, as well as minimal noise and ambient vibrations.

H.265+. Extended Video Format

The H.265+ codec sends a smaller file size and records a longer time before being overwritten without affecting the image quality. Watch high quality streaming media on your smart device without any data.

fully encrypted

Video transmission and download are protected by bank-grade encryption, proprietary ANNKE protocol, unique activation password and two-factor verification code, and are highly resistant to top-down hacker attacks.

Four-way video

The DVR is designed for 24/7 continuous recording to ensure maximum coverage. For longer recording periods, you can adapt your recorder with planned, animated or event-controlled recording.

Live broadcast remotely and locally

ANNKE offers free software that allows you to access your DVR through our mobile devices and computers for real-time remote viewing without paying for the software. Record videos locally, no contract, no monthly cloud storage fee.

Ultra HD 5MP for more details

Ultra HD 2K (5MP) lenses play an important role in protecting your home and business. In the event of an accident or break-in, the 5MP ultra-clear crystal clear image can be used as an important clue to solve the issue.

With or without internet

After pairing with the Anke camera and installing the hard disk onto the hard disk recorder, you can record videos continuously even without internet. Requires remote access and operation, motion detection alarm, internet connection.

ANNKE 5MP Lite 16 Channel Security Video Recorder
ANNKE 5MP Lite 16 Channel Security Video Recorder

  •  Scalable 5-in-1 Hybrid Digital Video Recorder that combines DVR/NVR/HVR functions and supports up to 16 segments of TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS and additional IP cameras. Thus, you can offer a full range of security camera options for your property. Add any type of camera to your DVR for seamless integration.
  • 2 TB Security Level Hard Drive with H.265 + Encryption - The 2 TB Security Level Hard Drive is designed to meet the needs of high monitoring tasks and reduce ambient noise and vibration. H.265+ codec provides longer recording time and can save up to 80% of storage space compared to H.264 system.
  • Custom Motion Detection Alarm - You can still use the DVR with a certain range of motion to customize motion detection. Only when a moving event occurs in the assigned area, the DVR will send instant app push and email notification with snapshot.
  • REMOTE ACCESS TO ALL DEVICES AND BROWSERS - Connect your DVR to your router and download the ANNKE Vision app to control your DVR remotely. Use smartphones, tablets, computers and browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) to access the DVR over 3G/4G/5G or WiFi.
  • FREE 2-YEAR WARRANTY AND ACCESSORIES - Get 2-year free warranty, lifetime technical support and first-class after-sales service. When you buy the DVR, you will get all the accessories for free including 1.8m HDMI cable and 1m network

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