Chromebook remains the best choice for distance learning
Chromebook remains the best choice for distance learning

Chromebooks have enjoyed widespread adoption and a large following among college students. After a full year of distance learning, it's clear.

Google's laptop sales have grown exponentially over the past year. It is also number one in the PC market with an estimated increase of 275% over last year.

Thanks to its simple operating system, straightforward user experience, support for communication and teamwork, and most importantly, low price, Chromebook has attracted the attention of a large number of users and students.

Chromebook is popular with students

The main reason for the popularity of Google Computer is its prices. When a user enters a store specializing in the sale of electronic devices, he will find a variety of Chromebooks suitable for all price categories.

There is no doubt that due to its operating system, owning an inexpensive laptop with great working capacity and performance is a good choice. Especially suitable for individuals or families with a tight budget, as well as for performing tasks such as studying and homework.

For example, you can buy a Chromebook from HP for about $230. While other companies offer other devices in the $200 category, some devices may support a touch screen and a stylus.

Users can also find more expensive Chromebooks, up to $600. This doesn't mean that there aren't any Windows laptops in the same price range; On the contrary, you can find Windows laptops in every price range.

However, the difference between a Windows computer and a Chrome computer is speed and performance. Chrome OS can work great on poorly performing devices, but Windows can't. Especially with students and general learning tasks, it's all about speed and performance, nothing more.

The simplicity of the Chromebook allows it to beat most competing versions in the same price category. Since Chromebook can be up and running in seconds, it offers fast and smooth performance and much more.

In contrast, Windows devices in the same price range are very slow in most cases. In addition, Chrome OS relies mainly on tasks performed through the browser, which is different from Windows, which may require you to install software for each task.

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