Cambase 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside 3 Channel Dashcam
Cambase 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear Inside 3 Channel Dashcam

Cambase 3 Channels 4K Front and Rear Internal Driving Recorder, CAMPAISE 4K+1080P Dual Front and Internal Driving Recorder, 1440P+1080P+1080P Triple Camera, Infrared Night Vision, Condenser, Parking Mode, Gravity Sensor, 256GB Support

  •     1- Three-Channel Driving Recorder: CAMBASE DC40 front, rear and indoor driving recorder with 170° front camera, 120° interior camera and 140° rear camera, it can record 1440p + 1080p + 1080p videos at the same time. Three channels cover indoor and outdoor detection of your vehicle's blind spot and keep you away from the risk of accident liability.
  •     2.4K and 1080P recording modes for front and indoor driving: dual front and indoor camera recording, 4K UHD front camera (3840 x 2160 and 30fps) and 1080P indoor camera recording for clearer details.
  •     3.4K DRIVE RECORD WITH SONY SENSOR: The drive recorder uses the powerful Sony IMX335 2160p sensor with an F/1.8 aperture front lens to record every detail in the event of an accident without having to worry about losing evidence.
  •     4.WDR and Infrared Night Vision: The drive recorder is equipped with a powerful Sony IMX335 sensor with 2160p resolution, F/1.8 aperture front lens, WDR technology and 4 infrared cameras in the cabin, which greatly improves the image quality in the dark to improve. This makes it an ideal choice for tour drivers such as Uber, Lyft and Taxis.
  •     5. Super Capacitors: Powered by super capacitors, it is a great alternative to lithium-ion batteries that can safely withstand extreme temperatures and extend the life of your dashcam.
  •     6. G-Sensor (Your Accident Indicator): Front, rear and internal three-channel flight recorder with built-in G-sensor. This car dash cam automatically shuts off the existing lens to prevent it from blurring in a sudden collision. Be sure to protect important lenses.
  •     7.24 HOURS SCREEN SCREEN AND 2.4 INCH HD IPS DISPLAY: CAMBASE car driving recorder can also start recording automatically after it detects vibrations while parking and accompanies your car for 24 hours. (A few hard cables are required to activate the parking monitoring function). CAMBASE car camera is equipped with a 2.4 inch HD IPS screen that is attached to the windshield using a suction cup.
  •     8. Loop recording: When the micro SD card is full in the loop recording mode, the dashcam will automatically cover the oldest lens and free your hands.

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